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For Men: Conversation, Comfort, Copulation Part 2-Comfort


Though conversation can make a man more attractive, there is still more that may have to be done.  Giving a woman a sense of comfort is the next step to get her into bed.  A step that can be obtained through conversation for some, or out of the home activities for others.  If a man can get into a woman’s pants without taking her out on dates, then good for him.  However, some women require a little bit more nudging towards sex.

Some women equate dates and sometimes money spent with a man’s level of interest.  Dates can be costly, but they do not have to be.  Always maintain the casual mentality, especially as it pertains to activities you select.  Unless a woman is a prostitute at her core, cheap yet fun dates are always the best.

The objective in these situations to have sex, not to play the part of Prince Charming.  Build off conversation and converse more by going for coffee, ice cream or even a hike.  Coffee and ice cream are simple, cheap and they do not consume the mouth to the point where no one can talk.  It helps to continue the engagement with the excessive romantic ambiance.  Plus, you are not coming off as someone interested in a serious committed relationship.  Hiking is physically active, and both of you get to enjoy the calming scenery and take in some fresh air.

The cost of these activities are within the total of $10.00, which is an overestimation.  Other low-cost activities may include art shows, free festivals and picnics.

While partaking in these endeavors, still keep the conversations fun and casual with a bit more flirting than in initial conversation.  Now that you two are in each other’s presence, you can hopefully get physically to a point.  Along with gauging her, you can also see if there is chemistry.  If she is into PDA, take full advantage.  Wrap your arm around her, get some lengthy hugs.

If she is not into PDA, then play it cool because she may be very physical in private.  Take small leaps in physical contact, because she will let you know when you go too far one way or the other.  Relax and let things flow on their own.  It may flow you right to heading to one of you and your dates respective places for sex.


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