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For Men: Conversation, Comfort, Copulation Part 1-Conversation


When man wants woman strictly for sex, they need to take a smart approach to approaching her.  If a woman is at least open to the idea of having sex with the typical relationship commitment, the process to get her into bed does not have to be difficult or expensive unless she is a prostitute at heart.  Even if a woman can be physically attracted to a man, that is not a guarantee that she will jump his bones.  A man who can have an engaging conversation has somewhat of a leg-up on other men due to the lack of communication skills exhibited by his contemporaries.

Women have to not only feel safe, but also feel respected. Whether on the phone, through text or online, engaging in conversations will help break down hesitation. The conversations need to span from the topics of each other’s personal lives to current events and mutual interests. This is not to be confused with showing romantic interest. Conversations allow both parties to gauge one another. The one thing about the conversations is that they have to be intelligent. Boasting about what one has or who you are can be a big turn off. It can make a woman think you are selfish and will only satisfy yourself. Believe it or not, there is someone can be humble and confident at the same time.

Talking about sex in early conversations is just fine if it is a general conversation that is transitioned wisely. Randomly announcing things of a sexual nature could close up a woman’s legs. Once again, humility will be an ally. Look for small windows of opportunity, a sound effect she makes, a show she likes to watch or even a story in the news. There are always little openings as the conversation goes along because she will be comfortable. Be subtle with the openings and let them progress on their own.

Once sex talk has commenced, be honest and fair. Extreme patriarchal views raise red flags because those views severely lack equality. A woman’s sexual needs and desires must be addressed before, during and after intercourse. Selflessness is a good practice to start for the sexually selfish.

The tone of all initial talks should be casual, entertaining and most importantly engaging. Sprinkle in some light flirting when appropriate to give a smirk. Do not let the conversation be one-sided with one word answers. When a man takes the time to talk to a woman he is doing a psychological evaluation, if he pays attention. Again, keep the talks relatively lighthearted. Avoid conversations about religion, relationships and maybe politics if possible.

For examples of how to produce a mutually engaging conversation, watch full interviews from CNN, MSNBC or FOX News. The reporters start with a greeting, and then ask questions using ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ to start their questions. Do not use the sometimes condescending tone that the people on-screen use. Always show consideration and respect while being honest. Make sure responses and rebuttals do not interrupt her while she is speaking or typing.


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