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Dracula Untold Trailer Review


Universal Pictures’ first trailer for the upcoming film Dracula Untold, starring Luke Evans as the title character, shows a man going to the extreme to save his family and his people.  The trailer starts with shots of a human Dracula being a great warrior with the voice over of his son.  Evans plays Prince Vlad Tepes who receives notice that his son, who looks to be under the age of 12, has to go fight for the sultan in a war.  Any decent parent will not want their child at any age to go off to war, let alone one that has not seen puberty.  So Tepes decides to kill the soldiers who have come to take his son.

From what the trailer is showing, the prince soon has to protect his family and people from the sultan’s ensuing army.  More than likely outnumbered, Tepes makes a life-altering decision by drinking the blood of a creature in a cave to obtain the power to defeat his enemies.  As expected, power comes with a price, his humanity.  There seem to be some cliche vampire traits such as sensitivity to sunlight.

Once his people are saved, they become fearful because of the noticeable changes.  There are a few shots of Tepes’ wife after his transformation and the fear is clear as day on her face with tears.  Even a man points and says, “I’ve seen the devil inside him!”  There is a potential for irony in that what he did to save his family, could also put them in harm’s way.  Dracula becomes an under-appreciated savior who gets rejected by those he has saved.  He reminds them that he went to great lengths to save his people and they would not have survived without him.

The visual effects for this film look to be very well done, even though the studio could be fine tuning shots in post-production.  The trailer is well done, however it may have told too much of the story unless there are some unexpected twists in the plot.  The music bed by recording artist Lorde offers a more dreary yet modern tone to the trailer.  Dracula Untold opens in theaters this October.

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