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The Batman for 2019: Landmark for Film & Character

Today is the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman, during Batman’s 75th anniversary with a rumor of a new solo Batman film tentatively titled The Batman.  According to Latino-Review, 2019 is the expected release year of the film with Ben Affleck in the starring role, the 30th anniversary of the aforementioned film and more notably the 80th anniversary of Batman the character.  It is already known that the post Christian Bale Batman will be an older veteran ‘Caped Crusader’.  A take the moviegoing audience has not yet seen.

Some may think this is too long of a wait between Batman films.  However, in both 2016 and possibly 2017 they will receive get the ‘Dark Knight’ on the big screen.  It is wise for Warner Brothers to set that film out that far because of the quality and realism of The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan.  With the release of The Dark Knight Rises and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice only being four years apart, Bale v Affleck conversations will hit the web.

Speculation is that in ‘Dawn of Justice’, Batman will be coming out of retirement to face Superman (Henry Cavill).  If this is true, what will be most interesting is to find out what caused him to retire.  Did someone die because he was Batman?  Or did Batman actually break violate he is own morale and kill someone himself?  To give the audience a glimpse of that possible story, viewers may be seeing a flashback or two in 2016.

Whatever his story arc will be, fans are waiting with great anticipation.  The movie will not be as grounded in reality as Nolan’s films were, but it will still be realistic and dramatic.  Expect Affleck to direct the project even though that information has not yet been confirmed.


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