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1st Open Letter to the Straight Male


My Fellow Straight Males,


Our pride will become our downfall.  We are considered the predesignated leaders of society.  However, that paradigm is changing and we may soon be the weaker of the two sexes.  Physically we will always be superior, but mentally and emotionally we are either regressing and/or our weaknesses have finally been exposed and exploited.

Nevertheless, we need to move beyond keeping society patriarchal and move towards a more egalitarian society.  Women have the potential to be more than just housemaids, pleasure servants and birthing canals.  They have become doctors, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs etc.  That means they are an invaluable resource outside of sex.  Each woman is her own network with a mind just as dangerous as ours.  It is okay, dedicate time and energy to a woman without trying to date and/or sex her.

A woman can have a knowledge base that can exceed any man’s and we need to take advantage of that knowledge.  Her approach to handling business may be more surgical than aggressive.  She is becoming more functional as we seem to have regressed to being more fashionable in the grand scheme.  Encourage her to shoulder her own responsibility if she can handle it.  Demand that she be autonomous and independent in the positive sense.  Hold her accountable as an adult, but still be loving.

Women do not need us the way they used to.  Women are monetarily sound and can sign up for any self-defense and firearm class.  Providing and protecting will have to be a two-way street.  Leadership in a relationship needs to belong to the most qualified.  And in some cases, the woman is the more qualified.  But that doesn’t mean you are a marginalized participant or less of a man.  It means you are an actual partner.  For so long we have been granted the title of leader on anatomy alone.  Women are saying “no more.”

If you want to be the undisputed leader of your household, then money can’t be the only requisite tool.  As leader you need to not love your partner, but trust her as well.  Heavy is the head that wears the crown, so prepare for stress.  Learn how to manage it or it will take its toll on you (i.e. erectile dysfunction).  Embrace the strengths and use it to the advantage of the unit.  Do not let power get in the way of achieve your goals.  Benchmarks need to be hit regardless of who wants to be in charge.

I understand my words are non-traditional, but so what the fuck what?  The world’s greatest achievements were by those who were willing to do what was necessary, including defy the status quo.  But if you think you just have to be the provider and protector, then teach a woman to provide and protect herself in your inevitable absences.

A woman does not need courtship or chivalry, she needs respect and courtesy.  Make sure she understands that when she has power, she has responsibility.  Her gender is not a limitation or a warrant for special treatment.  Before gender designation we are all human.  Let her challenge you.  It can sharpen you.  Strengthen her, inspire her, empower her, be fair to her, challenge her, do not enable her and demand fairness from her.  I hope my words will cause you to think long and smart on how women, if interacted with wisely, can help us grow.

Your fellow straight male,



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