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Who Should Be Cast As The Next Storm?


X-Men: Days Of Future Past is expected to be the swansong for the original X-Men class, with the obvious exception of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman).  Some segments of the African-American community are interested in a potential recasting of Storm.  Halle Berry originally played the role in 2000 to some very lukewarm at best reviews.  Berry cannot blame for the poor writing of the character.  The next iteration of Storm, whenever that will be, has caused people to weigh-in on who should be cast as Charles Xavier’s favorite meteorologist and other leader of the X-Men.

Due to mutual African descent, Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years A Slave) is coming out as the popular choice.  She has dark toned skin, emotional acting ability and a strong on-screen emotional presence.  Her physique is impressive, however, she may have to put on some muscle depending the physicality of the role.

Another actress who may fit the bill, is Juilliard graduate Rutina Wesley (True Blood).  She may be of Las Vegas descent, but she has the talent and the dark skin.  One thing she has over Nyong’o is physique.  Wesley is naturally thicker and more muscular.

If these two are at least in consideration for the role, the selection should go to the one who is the best fit.  Looks relatively matter, however the temperament of Storm determines the better fit.  If this a more emotionally extreme Storm with more pain from her past, then Nyong’o would be the better fit.  If she is going to have more of a physical presence and taking on a true leadership role with her being nurturing, then Wesley fits that mold.  Both women are listed at the same height and Wesley will have some extra time now that True Blood is in its final season.

Casting either woman would work regardless of how writer Simon Kinberg decides to write the character, but it is about who would work better.  X-Men: Apocalypse is slated to debut in 2016.and


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