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The Dark Knight Effect


Warner Brothers’ 2008 release The Dark Knight raised the bar for comic book films on an artistic level.  The Christopher Nolan film removed the typical ‘black and white’ good versus evil plot line and went to a more conflicted hero and a somewhat justified villain.  There have been other films with similar dynamics, but none of those predecessors garnered the success of TDK.

According IMDb, it opened to a resounding $158 million on its opening weekend box office just in the United States.  Since then, the film has domestically grossed more than $534 million.  The late Heath Ledger won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor that year for his portrayal of the Joker.  On the technical side, it won the Oscar for Best Sound Editing.  An argument can be made that if the Best Picture nomination number was higher that year, then this film would have gotten nominated.

There are so many elements in this movie aside from the fights scenes, guns and explosions.  There is foreshadowing, metaphors and even historical references and comparisons to Gotham City.

Other superhero movies have made their money since then, but none have earned the respect and acclaim as being a great film.  A lot of comic book movies are considered great within in the genre.  However, the Batman Begins sequel is regarded is not only a great superhero movie, but a great movie all around.

What makes this film stand above the rest is that it is very much grounded in reality with a very human protagonist.  And not every other superhero movie can have a dark tone given the core elements of that character and the director and/or production company’s vision of the world they create.  Even still the story has to be there to reach the acclaim of this blockbuster.


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