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New Father Figure In “Man Of Steel 2”?


“Man Of Steel 2”, which has yet to be officially named, will be missing two strong characters who provided humanity and heart in Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and Jor-El (Russell Crowe) respectively.  Kent and Jor-El were keys to shaping his moral compass and path to self-discovery.  Both characters perished in Man Of Steel leaving a mentoring void for Superman (Henry Cavill).  Though there are no details on the exact plot of the movie slated for May 2016, one thing has been made clear, this film will be Batman (Ben Affleck) versus Superman and not a team up.

For that reason, Superman will need someone to help him understand his impending foe.  That someone should be Clark Kent’s employer Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) of the Daily Planet.  White understands that Superman is not a threat to humanity directly, but he also understands how some people may resent towards him because of the destruction and death left by him and his fellow Kryptonians.  He may not explain it directly to Superman, but to Clark Kent instead.  This would provide Superman with a deeper comprehension as to why humanity is fearful of his presence and why Batman will be challenging him.

To develop that credibility with Kent, he will have to see White as a father figure.  He may have to advise him [Kent] on how to handle Lois’ (Amy Adams) personality.  There would need to be some conflict between Lois and Clark concerning working together, him being Superman and an outsider.  White could make Superman question whether or not he should stop being a hero or even leave Earth.  Fishburne’s performance in this scenario would have to be akin to his performance in Boyz n the Hood; strong, informative yet loving.  He has the talent to do it, only time will tell if that is what director Zach Snyder wants from the character.


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