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Scandal Season 4 Is Handled


ABC’s Scandal has been unsurprisingly renewed for a fourth season.  There are many questions as it pertains to what will bring Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) back to the nation’s capitol and if Harrison (Columbus Short) is dead.  The way the third season finale ended, one may think that the series was given a curtain call.  Fans would think that considering seasons one and two ended with cliffhangers.

The writers made a smart decision by sending Olivia, and Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) to some other country to attempt to start a new life and leaving President Fitz (Tom Goldwyn).  Then there is Huck (Guillermo Diaz) reuniting with his ex-wife and son, Eli Pope (Joe Morton) regaining control of B-613 with his wife in captivity, David Rosen (Josh Malina) making investigating B-613 and the unknown fate of Harrison.

What this “peaceful” end to the season allows is a potential lengthy lapse in time in their world.  Season four could pick up several months, maybe even one year plus after the head of Olivia Pope & Associates left in a private jet.  A significant time-lapse allows character dynamics and relationships to change.

  • Fitz and Mellie (Bellamy Young) will more than likely fall in love with each other again through tragedy.
  • Huck could be conflicted between being with his ex-wife romantically for the sake of his son and still being in love with Quinn (Katie Lowes).
  • David may be getting ready to do a full investigation and a potential trial of B-613 and possibly engaged if not married to Abbie (Darby Stanchfield).
  • Olivia and Jake might be married, engaged and/or parents.

With the dismissal of Short due to obvious personal not professional reasons, the character of Harrison’s fate is a major question.  Show creator Shonda Rhimes has definitively stated that the Harrison will not be recast.  Though Short will not be returning and Harrison will not be recast, that does not mean Harrison is dead.  If Isaiah Washington can be brought back to Grey’s Anatomy, then Short could return if he can resolve his various personal issues.

Fans may need to listen very carefully to what if anything that Eli says about Harrison either missing or even being dead.  If the prophet Eli uses words such as “gone”, “no more” and/or “in better place” in reference to him, then the writers have left the door open for Short to return.  Even if the word ‘dead’ is used, Harrison could still physically be alive.  Huck had another name prior to joining B-613.

Fans should expect some type of major event that will trigger the return the ‘Fixer.’  Whether it a death, missing person, political catastrophe or even a personal one for Olivia, audiences will be anxiously awaiting new adventures of the ‘Thursday Night Gladiators.’


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