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#Gotham Official Extended Trailer Review

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The official extended trailer for the new FOX television series Gotham has hit the web and breathes of cop-drama mixed with psychological thriller.  It was dark, gritty and prophetic as it should have been.  The tone visually was dark yet still polished with characters wearing mostly black and accented with other dark colors. The music bed was both tragic with the piano and then violent with the horns and percussion.

Within the first 40 seconds the prophecy of war had been declared by three different characters.  Each of these three characters made foreshadowed war to the main character Detective Jim Gordon, a combat veteran.  Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie, has killed in military combat, but feels he does not need to kill now that he is a detective for the Gotham City Police Department.  His partner Harvey Bullock, played by Donal Logue, gives him a reality check telling him that “This is war!”

Through graphics and statements from the mayor the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne will be the crux of this entire series.  In that case, viewers will not only see the origin story of Commissioner Jim Gordon and post-traumatized adolescent Bruce Wayne, but potentially a deeper look into the lives of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

In other iterations of the characters, they were just the reason Batman fought crime.  This show could provide a deeper look into the Wayne family and could produce a realization that the Dark Knight’s parents are not as innocent as they people have known them to be.  The audience may find out that their murders were not a random crime, but an assassination.

Gotham premieres this fall on FOX.  Check your local listings for dates and showtimes.


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