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The Opportunity for 50 Shades of Grey


Valentine’s Day 2015 marks the day of the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and a potential resurgence of the steamy romance movie genre. The bestseller book has become more infamous for its sexual exploits as opposed to its narrative. However, the movie has great potential for visual storytelling. The main characters do have multiple layers to them in the book. For this movie to be a hit with both the general movie-going audience and the kinky, the quality of both the sex scenes and the narrative will have to be top-notch.

To movie viewers who were never too fond of movies like Nine ½ Weeks, Body Heat or Basic Instinct, they will not be interested in this film unless the sex is widely considered artistic in scope. The three aforementioned films are just a few pieces of a sub-genre of film that is no longer as widespread as it once was. The sub-genre may be dead, but February 14, 2015 could be its resurrection.

For this potential resurrection to take place, critics will have to not only give this film acclaim, its box office numbers will have to make the budget and marketing expenses look like an insignificant expense. Potentially releasing the expected R version and rumored NC-17 version may help this cause. The NC-17 release is a wise move to give audiences a more accurate reflection of the book.

The sex scenes in this movie will have to do more than drop jaws of the viewers, it will have to progress the story. They have to be more than intermissions of dialogue, they have to tell the story of where the two characters are emotionally at that point in the movie. Since author E.L. James will not be able to set the scenes by reading from the novel, shot selection, composition and pacing will be vital.

To get people excited about the movie, the first teaser will have to be an intense teaser. Dialogue should be cut to just moans and groans with extreme closeups of b-roll and body parts. It will need to tease the intensity of the film within the possible usual 30 seconds. And in that half minute, audiences will need to pause. The subsequent trailers can begin to reveal the plot.

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